Creative – cavai

Creative – cavai

Want to add the biggest brands in the world to your portfolio?

Cavai might be a relatively small blotch of ink on the world map, but we’ve got all the ambitions to become one of the biggest advertising technology companies in the world, make it or break it.

The core of what we do lies in interactive advertising.

Simply put, anything that is more than a picture.

If you head to De Telegraaf or Algemeen Dagblad right now, you’ll notice that all the ads there might as well have been on TV, in print, or in a cave painting. The advertising industry has yet to use the infinite creative possibilities of the digital age.

Interactive advertisements can be anything from a personality test, a quiz, a poll, a survey, Pac-Man, recipe finder, Greece-explorer, car configurator, guessing game, click-and-win, click-and-see, hover-and-listen. We’ve barely just scratched the surface.

The opportunities in interactivity is as big as the quantum leap between videos and video games.

Cavai is building a platform which will become the global standard for interactive advertising. At the same time, we use that very platform to build dazzling interactive display campaigns for brands across the world.

That’s where you come in.


We’re looking for someone like this:

– Comfortable in the Adobe suite (particularly Photoshop and a bit of Premiere)

– Quick at coming up with new ideas and visuals

– Enjoys working with multiple clients and campaigns

– Enjoys picking up new technology, new experiences, broad horizons

– Wants to improve their skills and further their career

– Great at communication skills, pitching their ideas and thoughts

– Fluency in Dutch is a must, as a lot of our work goes into Benelux hubs

– Working primarily from Amsterdam should be no issue

We can offer;

– A flexible day-to-day

– Very few project managers breathing down your neck

– A lot of independence and self-reliance

– The possibility of working at the tip of something new

– The possibility of working with the biggest brands

– An environment built on trust and equality

Over cavai

Cavai is an award-winning global Conversational Advertising Cloud that works with agencies, publishers, advertisers and other technology platforms across ten markets and three continents.

With offices in London, Singapore, New York, Amsterdam, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Barcelona and Copenhagen, we operate together with all major Global Holding Groups and clients such as L’Orèal, Unilever, Volvo, HP, Samsung, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

At Cavai, we believe the next decade will be defined by unparalleled user experience, privacy and sustainability. Our technology is built for any major browser and regulatory change as we put the user experience front and center, and it works across all major exchanges and ad servers.

Join the future of advertising today

Overige informatie

Be aware of the following! You will work with:
– A top notch platform to create premium ads (including video)
– A top notch Global creative team to share ideas and have fun
– Loads of premium brands and agencies to work with and for
– A buzzing Amsterdam office to join
– A fast growing company

Hope to see you soon!

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