IAB Europe Releases European Common Commitment for Sustainable Digital Advertising


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Understanding the Adoption and Application of AI in Digital Advertising Rapport

In collaboration with Microsoft Advertising, IAB Europe has released a new report ‘Understanding the Adoption and Application of AI in Digital Advertising’. The report shares valuable insights into the rapid adoption, diverse applications, and pressing educational needs surrounding Generative AI. The report surveyed 146 respondents from across Europe and assessed various perspectives from different departments and markets who understood Generative AI, with nearly 50% of respondents having over 10 years of experience working in the digital advertising industry.  In this report, you will discover: The industry’s current understanding of AI and its use in digital advertising How the industry is utilising Generative AI in daily work environments, beyond conventional operational enhancements How Generative AI will transform the digital advertising landscape Key findings include: 91% of respondents are already using or experimenting with Gen AI.  41% of respondents have a specific budget assigned to experiments with and the use of Gen AI Half of respondents are fostering AI talent within their teams More than two-thirds are using Generative AI within their business to develop content  Half of the respondents are using it to develop creatives Education is important with 89% of respondents calling for more training initiatives Download report

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