Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is critical for our industry to thrive. Our society is diverse. If we want to appeal to consumers and attract tomorrow’s talent, we need to be inclusive and commit to reflecting that level of diversity in our own industry. Investing in DE&I will help us grow as a whole — not only because it is the right thing to do, but also as it will yield tangible business success. Research continues to show that diverse companies are likely to outperform less diverse ones.

With this VIA Humanifesto we anchor our intentions in concrete actions and invite you to Dive In with us. Let’s collaboratively reshape our industry to prioritize DE&I. This Humanifesto is our commitment to do our part. A manifesto is about following through on our stated intentions with tangible action. A Humanifesto is about doing so with humans — in all of our diversity — at the center. By truly valuing every perspective, we will create the best work, ensure the resilience of our industry, and allow the human beings who make it up to thrive.


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