Towards an Inclusive, Safe, and Innovative Digital Europe

IAB Europe heeft richtlijnen gepubliceerd voor een duurzaam en verantwoord digitaal advertentie-ecosysteem. Het document schetst de visie en toezeggingen van IAB Europe en haar leden om duurzaam en verantwoordelijk vorm te geven aan de toekomst van het digitale advertentie-ecosysteem. 

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IAB Europe Unveils Key Commitments and Policy Principles for 2024-2029 EU Legislative Term to Drive Inclusive, Safe, and Innovative Future for Digital Europe

26th June 2024, Brussels, Belgium  – IAB Europe, the leading European-level industry association for the digital advertising and marketing ecosystem has today published a paper outlining key commitments and policy principles ahead of the 2024-2029 EU legislative term, titled, "Towards an Inclusive, Safe, and Innovative Digital Europe." With the European Parliament and the College of Commissioners set to commence new terms, the paper outlines the vision and core commitments of IAB Europe and its members, towards shaping a sustainable and responsible digital advertising ecosystem for the future.

On the timing and purpose of the paper, Townsend Feehan, CEO of IAB Europe said, “The arrival of a new European Parliament and College of Commissioners in 2024 creates an opportunity to work together to build an ad-supported European internet in which citizens are empowered and protected in equal measure. There is now a broad and complex regulatory framework in place; the next mandate could usefully focus on ensuring that the implementation of that framework delivers an online environment that is economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable and a model for the world.  We look forward to working with policymakers, regulators, and civil society in support of this aspiration”.

The paper highlights the importance of improving dialogue with policymakers and regulators on current and future digital advertising policies. It calls on policymakers to encourage further innovation and growth in digital advertising while aligning with EU values such as inclusivity, sustainability, and privacy.

The Key Commitments 

In the paper, IAB Europe commits to developing responsible digital advertising practices with its members, ensuring transparency and consumer trust. IAB Europe’s members seek to protect European creators by combating IP infringement and ad misplacement through EU and global initiatives. Additionally, they look to counter online disinformation by promoting trusted information and demonetising false content, aligning with the EU code of practice on disinformation.

The Guiding Principles 

The principles shared in the paper emphasise the value of consumer benefits from advertising and its role in economic recovery and growth. IAB Europe and its members ask policymakers to promote choice and diversity in digital advertising services, foster trust and confidence, and advocate for stable and predictable regulation. IAB Europe encourages policymakers to innovate in privacy protection, coordinate on ad-related policies, engage with all ecosystem players, and increase opportunities for collaborative industry initiatives.

Commenting on the guiding principles and key commitments, Pierre Devoize, Deputy MD at Alliance Digitale and Chair of IAB Europe’s Policy Committee said,“It is vital that the EU ensures all areas of policy are well coordinated, developed, and implemented in harmony with the operation of the ad market and the EU’s economic goals”.

Petra Wikström, Senior Director of Public Policy and External Affairs at Schibsted Media added, “It is important that policymakers understand that digital advertising provides value for the society, consumers and users. Without digital advertising, EU consumers would not have access to media plurality and high-quality editorial content in the EU.”

The release of the paper comes at an important moment for the EU and the digital advertising industry. It underscores a commitment to a future where digital advertising has the opportunity to play a crucial role in the sustainable development of Europe’s digital economy, benefiting consumers, businesses, and society at large.

Nathalie Laneret, VP, Government Affairs & Public Policy at Criteo concluded, "Digital advertising allows European businesses to expand while providing free or low-cost access to content and services online. The EU should evaluate the impact of the recently adopted rules on digital advertising  before pursuing new initiatives."




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